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Kings Point Retreat

Function Centre
300 Kings Point Drive, Ulladulla

Gentle Beginners Yoga Workshop

A Yoga Workshop that’s seriously Gentle.

My Gentle/Beginners Yoga Workshop will teach you Gentle/Slow movement, starting with the very beginnings of a Gentle Practice.
Are you interested in some very gentle self care?
Do you want to be a little more flexible?

This could be for you, and ideal if:

  • You’ve never done Yoga before but have always wanted too
  • You’re re-starting your practice after a rest
  • Dealing with an injury or recovering from illness
  • Maybe you just want to sleep better
  • Meet some more people.

During this workshop we will focus on:

  • Guided breath
  • Gently lengthening muscles & loosening joints
  • Guidance through some Gentle Yoga poses
  • Showing safe technique
  • Focusing on honouring our bodies, with each pose
  • Passive stretching, encouraging better posture

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